About us

SMRK Studio blossomed from the friendship of David and Jakub, who share a passion for creating online projects and form the core of the team.

Besides the creative process, we also share a love for nature and technology. Together we go on adventures, admire the beauty of the landscape and sometimes improvise sleepovers. Come with us sometime!

SMRK studio is a haven for other creatives sharing a common passion. Our full team grew out of an idea to combine web development with a love of the outdoors and a desire to explore creative possibilities.

zasazeny-smrk sazeni-stromu
Finished site = 10 trees
already planted0trees

We want to leave behind great virtual projects and something tangible. That’s why we plant 10+ trees for every website we build.

We leave the planting to the experienced forest lovers of Sázíme Česko.

ikonka stromů